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In her own words:

I remember as a 16-year-old doing my work experience at Symphony Hall Birmingham – I would never have imagined that I would be back there now organising vocal workshops as part of Music For Youth National Festival with the National Youth Choir. I learnt violin and piano at school and absolutely loved playing in my local youth orchestra where I found my people (shout out: Coventry Youth Orchestra!), so I’ve always understood the joy of making music with others. My driver now is to advocate for equity of opportunity for all young people when it comes to music making. Singing is a great starting point for this, and I love the times when I can be in the room for a workshop or on a National Youth Choir course when young people really go for it!

For the National Youth Choir:

Katie leads the National Youth Choir's Learning & Engagement programme, managing individual projects and workshops, and building partnerships across the UK with music education hubs, schools and partner organisations.

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