Meet the team

My involvement with choirs started when I was choir secretary for Wigan Girls' Choir while my daughter was a member, and I first heard of the National Youth Choir when she became a member of the Training Choir in 1999. 

I then applied to work on the courses as a member of the pastoral team (much to her disgust) and I have been here ever since!

For the National Youth Choir:

Joy was appointed Head of Safeguarding for National Youth Choir in 2015, having previously worked in children’s social care. She has a genuine passion for, and commitment to the safety and wellbeing of children and young people. She has substantial safeguarding experience and in-depth knowledge of relevant legislation, policy, procedures and best practice regarding children’s  welfare and wellbeing.

Joy is responsible for embedding  safeguarding practice across our organisation and provides meaningful support and safeguarding guidance to staff, as well as leadership to the pastoral team. Joy actively supports National Youth Choir to fulfil its legal, statutory and regulatory requirements and works closely with the Senior Leadership team and Trustees to enable effective oversight of safeguarding within the organisation.

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If you need to speak to Joy, please email her with your details and she'll get back to you.