The National Youth Choir (15-18 Years) - for female, male and non-binary singers - sits at the heart of the National Youth Choir and provides a training ground for singers to develop their vocal and musicianship skills in diverse and demanding repertoire. We welcome talented first-time members as well as graduates of our 9-15 Years choirs.

We passionately believe that choral singing is for everyone and strongly encourage all talented young singers from all backgrounds and musical styles to audition. As a member you’ll have the best choral training possible including unbeatable opportunities to develop skills in music, performance, recording, leadership and teamwork, and to grow in confidence and aspiration. You’ll sing alongside the most gifted young singers in the UK, developing your skills to the highest level, and making life-long friends.

National Youth Choir (15-18 Years)

You can audition for the National Youth Choir (15-18 Years) from school year 11 (England & Wales), S4 (Scotland) and year 12 (Northern Ireland) and sing with us until the end of school year 13 (England & Wales), S6 (Scotland) and year 14 (Northern Ireland).

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  • Members participate in up to two residential courses a year full of full of music, learning and skills and social activities and down time, together with 100-150 talented singers of your age. Find out more about the commitment here.
  • Inspiring and friendly conductors, teachers and pastoral staff, and the opportunity to work with guest artists and other ensembles.
  • Sessions on vocal development and musicianship to take you to the next level, and inform your sixth form and career choices.
  • Broaden your musical horizons as you work on music from Renaissance polyphony to World traditions and develop enhanced vocal and performance techniques.
  • Inspiring concerts around the UK in venues like the Royal Albert Hall, Perth Concert Hall and Nottingham Royal Concert Hall.
  • In the Academic Year you turn 18 (on or before the 31st August), you can take it to the next level with an audition for National Youth Choir (18-25 Years)

What we sing

The National Youth Choir (15-18 Years) will introduce you to repertoire from all periods, genres and cultures. We often collaborate with guest artists and previous projects have included working with electronic music guru Goldie, Tarang percussion ensemble, and work on extended vocal techniques plus live looping with SK Shlomo.

We develop your musicianship through our teaching of advanced tonal awareness and work on improving music reading skills. As part of our residential courses we also provide Alexander Technique and vocal sessions.

Where we perform

The National Youth Choir (15-18 Years) performs both independently and collaboratively with other National Youth Choir ensembles and programmes at venues around the UK. Recent highlights include special digital collaborations to create Open your mind by SK Shlomo and Shruthi Rajasekar’s The change we need. Previous highlights include the world premiere of Shlomo's She Crossed my Lost Heart at Leeds Town Hall and performances at Coventry, Truro and Lincoln Cathedrals, and participation in National Youth Choir's first-ever music video, a holi-powered rendition of the Bollywood hit Balleilakka. 

Financial assistance is available. Click for Financial Assistance Information.

For further information contact Amanda Wood 0191 383 7355, [email protected]