NYCGB's singing teachers bring a range of experience and specialisms to their work with us, bound by a common aim of supporting our young singers' vocal health. They play a key role on residential courses, providing one-on-one lessons to every member and working with the choirs as ensembles on aspects of vocal technique and production. 

"Recognising, reinforcing, helping"

Our members come from a variety of singing backgrounds. Our singing teachers are always careful to respond to members as individuals, and to take account of their other singing experience, commitments and tuition.

I see my role as singing teacher at the NYCGB as a combination of recognising and reinforcing what is already working well, and where necessary, helping with some immediately presenting areas for further work - particularly where the current choir's repertoire presents challenges. Good practice and safe vocal health are of paramount importance. In a short lesson, there may be only time to discuss one aspect of singing technique and it is important that the student understands and can confidently repeat any improvement discussed. They should be able to take any work done back to their regular teacher who knows their voice best. In addition, and particularly for the older singers, there is sometimes a good opportunity to discuss future directions in singing and offer objective advice should the singer request it.

Nicola-Jane Kemp

NYCGB Singing Teachers

NYCGB's singing teachers presently include:

Veronica Veysey Campbell
Felicity Cook
Richard Edgar-Wilson
Sam Evans
Helen Francis
Sophie Grimmer
Charlotte Jackson
Nicola-Jane Kemp
Nicki Kennedy
Jeremy Kenyon
Carys Lane
Ghislaine Morgan
Helen Pike
Robert Rice
Jennifer Snapes
Giles Underwood