Young Composers

  • Young Composers Introduction

    National Youth Choir Young Composers scheme is an annual programme which identifies and develops four talented composers aged 18-29 who are passionate about creating high-quality and imaginative new music for vocal ensembles. Run in partnership with Digital Partner NMC Recordings. Read more

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    Find out more about how to become a young composer Read more

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  • Previous Young Composers

    Browse the full line-up of previous composers that have taken part in our Young Composers programme Read more

  • Young Composers 2024

    Meet our National Youth Choir Young Composers 2024 Read more

Young Composer Blogs

  • Young Composers Blog 2023 #4 Millicent B James

    Take a peek behind the curtain of the whirlwind that is our Young Composers scheme with this video diary from 2023 Young Composer Millicent B James Read more

  • Young Composers Blog 2023 #3 Will Harmer

    Hear from Young Composer Will Harmer about the process of recording his pieces 'Three Madrigals' and 'Fireworks' for the newly release NMC album 'Young Composers 5' Read more

  • Young Composers Blog 2023 #2 Alex Tay

    Choral music but make it… cringe? Take a deep dive into Alex Tay’s collaborative creative process with National Youth Choir (18-25 Years) involving millenial fashions, phone ringtones and the climate crisis. Read more

  • Young Composers Blog 2023 #1 Emily Hazrati

    Emily Hazrati, one of our 2023 Young Composers, tells us how the first few months have been and how she's looking forward to a busy summer ahead. Read more

  • Young Composers Blog #4 Ben Nobuto

    From Banbury to York, from Essex to Aldeburgh: Ben Nobuto looks back at his journey of music making and reflects on the life his music will take on after the release of Young Composers 4 Read more

  • Young Composers Blog #3 Tom Metcalf

    The next blog in our Young Composers series, this time by Tom Metcalf. Tom picks up where NYCGB Fellow Jason Ching left off and takes us through late Summer and early Autumn as a Young Composer. Read on for an honest, thoughtful, and entertaining account of the penultimate quarter of the Young Composers scheme. Read more

  • Young Composers Blog #2 Claire Victoria Roberts

    The year so far from the point of view of Claire Victoria Roberts, one of NYCGB Young Composers 2022. Enjoy her reflections on her time as part of the NYCGB Young Composers Scheme which has been filled with courses, workshops, Zoom calls and collaboration. Read more

  • Young Composers 2022 Blog #1 Rockey Sūn Kētíng

    Read the first of our 2022 cohort blogs by composer Rockey Sūn Kētíng. Rockey reflects on her first four months with NYCGB and discusses her experience of getting to know the choir members and staff through workshops, courses and concerts. A thoroughly honest, informative and contemplative piece which features some exquisite music! Read more

  • Young Composers 2021 Blog #4 Alex Ho

    Read the last of our 2021 cohort blogs, this time by composer Alex Ho. Alex highlights his time with NYCGB and in the spirit of learning and sharing, he accompanies three things which he has learnt from the Young Composer Scheme, with a short track. A thoroughly enjoyable, honest and unique piece. Read more

  • Young Composers 2021 Blog #3 Anna Disley-Simpson

    Read our latest blog by Composer Anna Disley-Simpson who describes her experiences in the latest phase of the Young Composer scheme. Discover how Anna saw her work come to life during the 2021 heatwave with brilliant friends and inspirational teachers. Read more

  • Young Composers 2021 Blog #2 Kristina Arakelyan

    Enjoy Kristina Arakelyan's vibrant reflections on a jam-packed May and June 2021 for NYCGB Young Composers. Read more

  • Young Composers 2021 Blog #1 Derri Joseph Lewis

    From Digital Screens to Safety Screens: Derri Joseph Lewis takes us along his journey towards live-music making, taking a curious detour via Renaissance Italy… Read more

  • YCS Blog 2020: #5 Nathan Dearden

    2020 Young Composer Nathan Dearden on Coming Together with the Young Composers, Fellowship and Chamber Choir members After Many Months Apart Read more

  • YCS Blog 2020: #4 Joe Bates

    "..the effect of leaving London for the first time in six months, of being by the sea, of wandering Britten’s garden, of playing a real grand piano, was remarkable." Joe Bates Read more

  • YCS Blog 2020: #3 Lisa Robertson

    Pragmatising, NOT Patronising! Our Introduction to the Junior and Training Choirs Read more

  • YCS Blog 2020: #2 Amy Bryce

    Look at how much we’ve gained! Read more

  • YCS Blog 2020: #1 Nathan James Dearden

    'Introductions' by 2020 Young Composer Nathan James Dearden Read more