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About the SING! Programme  

At National Youth Choir, we're committed to opening pathways into singing and supporting music education in state schools. To bring this vision to life, our Creative & Learning team has introduced a brand-new programme called SING!. It offers aspiring singers aged 10 - 14 the support to nurture their musical talents, inspire them to pursue their passion for singing, and create a clear path towards National Youth Choir membership, especially in a region where our choir participation is currently underrepresented. Let’s look at the 2023 programme and some of the highlights! 

February 2023 — Spring Intensive Weekend

Three images of workshop participants performing to parents and post-it note feedback stuck on a wall and

I really enjoyed it because it was a great learning experience for young musicians, and a lovely way to bond with other people who have similar hobbies as I do.

- SING! Spring Participant 2023

We kicked off the 2023 SING! Programme with our Spring Intensive Weekend, welcoming 30 young singers. In just one weekend, the young singers learnt a wide range of new songs, from genres including pop, gospel and folk, and in so many languages – English, Hebrew, Zulu and British Sign Language exposing them to a diverse range of musical styles and genres. We saw many of these young singers come out of their shells and shine, stepping up and embracing the new opportunities that came their way. Overall, the weekend allowed them young people to develop their confidence, both in their singing and as individuals. 

August 2023 — Summer Vocal Day

Three photos of NYC staff in pink polos leading workshops for young people. Young people fill out feedback forms near a sign that reads

Today has inspired me to continue singing and basically reminded me how much I enjoy it. 

- SING! Summer Participant 2023

Returning in the summer, 40 young singers gathered to get a glimpse as to what it’s like to be a National Youth Choir member. Members of National Youth Choir take part in residential courses twice a year, and our Summer Vocal Day was like a course jam-packed into one day! From musicianship to the core elements of singing practice and performance, young singers got the opportunity to further develop their musical skills. It was a brilliant day of empowering young singers to continue their own musical journeys! 

October 2023 — Autumn Workshop Auditions

Staff lead workshops with young people. Young people sit together writing lyrics on pieces of paper.

This is my third time coming to National Youth Choir [SING! Activity] and I love it! I have learned how to become a better singer.

- SING! Summer Participant 2023

18 young singers joined us for our Autumn follow-up activity, 15 of whom had previously joined us in our other SING! Activity in 2023. It served as the culmination of the 2023 SING! programme, bringing together the knowledge, skills and confidence the young singers acquired throughout the year. They also got a free chance to audition for our choirs if they wished as part of the workshop day. At the end, the young singers reflected on their time with us at SING!, and many talked about how the programme has allowed them to develop their singing even further, given them the confidence to continue on their musical journeys and to take up new opportunities in and out of National Youth Choir.  

It has truly been a wonderful journey throughout our SING! 2023 programme. Seeing the young singers return throughout the year, and witnessing their growth and enthusiasm has been an exciting experience! We’re eager to continue this musical journey in 2024, fostering even more talent and strengthening the pathways into our choirs. Keep a lookout for the return of our SING! programme in the North East in 2024, and its expansion in other regions. We can’t wait to continue making musical memories with young singers!  

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