National Youth Choir Recordings was established in 2015. It shows the full breadth of music sung by the UK's finest young singers aged 9-25 as well as our Fellowship Ensemble and alumni.

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The Wedding Ring

Geoffry Russell-Smith

National Youth Boys' Choir of Great Britain
Lucy Joy Morris (conductor)
Adam Hope (piano)

Released 14 June 2024

Recorded by 100 of the UK's finest young choral singers, this exuberant recording of 'The Wedding Ring' tells the story of a young couple's whirling wedding dance. Throughout this playful song you can hear the young singers' love of performing, and the fun they're having with the drama of the piece. The catchy tune, and its gradual acceleration and vibrant harmonies are sure to captivate any listener!

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Track list

1. The Wedding Ring (Geoffry Russell-Smith) - 04:24

Recorded at Harrogate Ladies' College (18 August 2023)

Production Team

Producer: Josh Quinlan
Engineer: Dave Rowell

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