National Youth Choir Recordings was established in 2015. It shows the full breadth of music sung by the UK's finest young singers aged 9-25 as well as our Fellowship Ensemble and alumni.

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One Long Song

Ben Parry

National Youth Choir of Great Britain
Ben Parry (conductor)

Released 15 March 2024

Performed live at the Royal Albert Hall in 2023, this is the premiere recording of 'One Long Song', an incredibly moving new piece by Ben Parry, sung by over 1,000 voices. With words by musical theatre superstar Anoushka Lucas, the piece centres around how music brings us all together, and how older generations pass the baton down to younger generations. With beautiful harmonies, an innovative digital soundscape and a catchy hook, this is sure to go down brilliantly with your audiences!

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Track list

1. One Long Song (Live at Royal Albert Hall) (Ben Parry) - 09:33

Recorded at Royal Albert Hall, London (11 April 2023)

Production Team

Producer: Josh Quinlan
Engineer: Josh Quinlan


Jamie Wright (vocal percussion)

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