13 September 2019

When were you a member of NYCGB and what part did you sing?

Jasper Blakeley, Bass 1, 1986 to 1992....I think

Where do you live now?

I now live in Barry in South Wales after 11 years in London, where I met my wife. We moved to South Wales in 2000. I’ve been married 22 years and have twins Max and Stella who are 18 in September.

Do you still sing, and if so in what capacity? 

After training as a dancer, then an actor, then retraining as a journalist, I spent 11 years as a radio producer and presenter in London then South Wales. I am now a full-time entertainer, Magic Circle Magician and co-owner and Director of The Small Space in Barry. The Small Space is the UK's Smallest Theatre, The UK's Smallest Cinema and The World's Smallest Magic Theatre and it's a converted one up one down Victorian shop with a 20/25 seat auditorium downstairs and a fully licensed bar upstairs. I don't sing regularly, apart from Karaoke, but I do quite often sing and create original songs and jingles and record them for my plays and shows.

What is your stand out moment from your time in NYCGB? 
There are so many great moments from NYC, but the highlight (like many) was the world tour.

What is the one piece that if you heard it again would remind you of NYCGB?

Sourwood Mountain I suppose, only because, for some reason, I was asked to dance around and act like a fool during it - who knew I'd still essentially be doing the same thing today as a job!

If you were to design a tour for the current NYCGB where would you take them? 

I'd take the choir on the same trip I did. San Francisco, Hawaii, New Zealand, Australia and Singapore.

What skills that you gained during your time in NYCGB do you still use in everyday life?

I think they came up with the role of Social Secretary to keep me occupied on courses to be honest. But organising and hosting cabarets, dealing with 'acts' and putting a show together, these are all things I do today. In fact I organised Barry's first Fringe Festival in July, and incredibly I convinced ex NYC member, and Jools Holland regular, Louise Clare Marshall to close the festival by doing a 90 minute concert with a local jazz trio. Let's just say the sellout 20 strong crowd (Inc me) experienced an evening of utter beauty, extraordinary talent and pure joy, made all the more special because it was created by my beautiful friend from the NYC, that I'd known for 30 years.

You are having a dinner party. Who do invite? (time travel and fiction are no obstacle)

Dinner parties are always fun, but I don't need to meet famous people. I'd honestly just have a large group of NYC friends that I created some of my fondest memories with.

Your house is on fire. Your family and pets are safe, but you have time to save just one possession. What do you save?
If we're all safe then let it burn along with my regrets. Things are just things, as long as I have my memories.....by the way I'm struggling to think of any regrets.

What is the theme tune to your nightmares/dreams? 

Luckily I rarely have nightmares, but I do dream, so Sweet Thing by Van Morrison