12 November 2018

An award-winning VR experience based on Anna Meredith's opening work for the 2018 BBC Proms, 'Five Telegrams', and featuring the voices of the National Youth Choir, has been made available as a free download to owners of Oculus VR's Go personal VR headset.

Developed by 59 Productions and the BBC VR Hub as an offshoot of the spectacular live BBC Proms performance event, the experience is titled 'Nothing to be written', and transports viewers through a sequence of domestic and battlefield scenes from the First World War, which Meredith's work commemorates.

At the 26th Raindance Film Festival in London, 'Nothing to be written' triumphed in the 'Best Documentary VR Experience' category, beating a diverse field of entries from around the world.

Download 'Nothing to be written' from Oculus

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