NYCGB is proudly working in partnership with Black Lives in Music (BLiM) to address the current inequalities of opportunity for Black people aspiring to be artists or professionals in the music industry.

Black Lives in Music is a new organisation that exists to combat racism, uniting organisations and musicians to create a truly inclusive and diverse music industry. BLiM stands for equal opportunities for Black people to be able to work successfully in the UK music industry without being the subject of discrimination. Fundamental to their work is the belief that talent is distributed evenly, but that opportunities are not.

Black Lives in Music is made up of a number of partners including NYCGB, who are committed to working together towards the same common goal: to dismantle structural racism in our industry. The collective aim is to support the industry in providing better professional opportunities, achieving equality for Black professionals at all levels and in all areas of the UK Jazz and Classical industry.

NYCGB CEO, Anne Besford said:

BLiM is a brilliant organisation whose core mission is fundamental to our beliefs and ambition for people from all backgrounds and communities to have equal opportunities to develop, work and thrive in the music industry. We’ll be working closely with BLiM to develop our partnership over the coming months and years, and as the leading national organisation for youth choral music we’re proud to be at the forefront of the change we want to see happen.

BLiM Director of Operations, Roger Wilson said:

We are really pleased to be working in partnership with NYCGB. Together, we are involved in an artform that brings young people together to share in a rich experience of musical enjoyment while exploring a wide range of emotions. Singing brings joy to everyone but singing together is so much more fulfilling and empowering. It should bring our whole community together to celebrate and learn about the wider cultural identity that we should all be so proud of. We look forward to working together with NYCGB to help achieve this.

Black Lives in Music wishes to work with organisations, ensembles and companies throughout the UK music industry and wishes to open dialogues and build relationships in the true spirit of working together. NYCGB is proud to have signed up to BLiM’s Ten Point CharterWe’d encourage our friends across the choral sector to sign up and find out more about how they can get involved.

The Black Lives in Music survey is the first of its kind to research the lived experience of Black musicians, professionals and music creators in the UK. Please complete the survey so BLiM can create the data that’s needed to push for the changes we all want to see.