Wednesday, 29th September 2021

NYCGB Proud To Be Working With Gospel Music Industry Alliance (GMIA)

NYCGB is the UK’s most exciting, innovative and accessible organisation for young choral singers, inspiring and empowering young people through the life-changing experience of singing together. It is home to some of the best young singers in the world and is a national champion for youth choral music.

Our five choirs have a membership of over 800 young singers aged 9 to 25 from across the UK. Through residential courses and special projects, NYCGB provides the best choral training, teaching and collaborations possible with unbeatable opportunities to develop skills in music and performance, leadership and teamwork, and to grow in confidence and aspiration. NYCGB choirs regularly give high-profile performances at venues and festivals such as the Royal Albert Hall, Royal Festival Hall and BBC Proms.

NYCGB also supports the development of emerging young professionals through its Fellowship programme and its Young Composers’ scheme and works with regional music education hubs, schools and partner organisations through its national learning and engagement programme reaching over 3,500 young people each year.

We are delighted to be working together with Gospel Music Industry Alliance (GMIA) to help support its aim of achieving greater diversity and representation among its choirs and programmes.

GMIA is a Black music organisation that interprets UK Gospel Music as derived from the African, American and Caribbean musical experience relating to the Christian faith, delivered by a wide range of industry creatives and practitioners, and incorporating both the Gospel genre and Gospel message delivered overtly or by inspiration.

Over the past twenty-five years generations of British children have experienced for themselves the power, positivity, cultural relevance and artistic excellence of Gospel Music, through the development of school and community Gospel Choirs. It is a music at the heart of the Black Community. This inclusive and well-established genre has driven how music education can be administrated empowering tutors, trainers and leaders of Black Music from this genre. 

From the personal stories of Black musicians and artists who break through into national and international recognition, there is an unequivocal connection between the creative nurturing of talent that is retained and maintained within the Black Churches in Britain. GMIA is the bridge between all these community roots and creative agencies that seek to authentically engage and permanently establish purpose-filled diversity.

Audrey Gray, Chief Executive GMIA said:

GMIA's goal to support the introduction of young singers, musicians and composers into new opportunities that connect and share their cultural diversity in ways that extend the audible profile, visual recognition, genre credibility of UK Gospel community. Working with NYCGB presents a platform for youth engagement and growth while championing our cultural experiences and encouraging a more diverse legacy. 

Ben Parry, Artistic Director & Principal Conductor, NYCGB said:

We’re delighted to be working with GMIA as part of our commitment to creating and promoting a culture of belonging within our organisation and in the wider music sector. We’ve worked hard to reach out more widely and be a more inclusive organisation over the last few years, but we recognise that there is still much to be done. We’re working with GMIA to champion the opportunities we offer to people of all backgrounds and musical genres and recognise that our organisation and the wider sector will flourish and grow more fully if all sections of the community are part of it. We look forward to developing our relationship with GMIA over the coming months and years, watch this space!

For more information about GMIA click here to visit their website.