Imogen with the National Youth Chamber Choir in 2014, sportingly appreciating a dad joke.

4 December 2018

Former National Youth Chamber Choir soprano Imogen Parry has been revealed as the newest member of legendary a cappella vocal group The Swingles.

The announcement was made by The Swingles on their website, with the group praising Imogen's "effortless sound, joyful energy and impeccable musicianship."

Other NYCGB Alumni to have sung with The Swingles over the years include Wendy Nieper, Lucy Potterton, Christopher Jay (Neale) - as well as the group's current Musical Director Joanna Goldsmith-Eteson.

One person who is particularly happy for Imogen is her father, NYCGB Artistic Director Ben Parry, who was himself a Swingle from 1987-1992 and is pictured above conducting Imogen with the National Youth Chamber Choir in 2014. Imogen's mother Kathryn, meanwhile, joins an even more exclusive club of one, entering the record books as the only person to have both married and given birth to a Swingle.

Imogen will officially start with the group in February 2019, and is currently hard at work memorising repertoire. Congratulations Imogen - and good luck!

Visit The Swingles' website

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