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Why can't I see all the options that I saw in the Members' Area on the old site?

This new website is just one stage of a major IT project for NYCGB. We're upgrading our systems to make it easier for you (and us) to keep track of your progress through NYCGB, including your course bookings, medical and dietary information, reports, auditions, and more.

The next stage will see us install a large database (or 'CRM System'). This will then be connected to certain areas of the website, including the 'My NYCGB' section, and you'll start to see all the old Members Area options again, and several new ones.

In the meantime, this new website contains a lot of the basic information that we know you'll need, like course dates. If you do have any questions or queries, just contact the office: [email protected] or 0191 383 7355