We asked some of our Friends why they choose to support us and this is what they said:

"I support the National Youth Choir as a Friend because I owe it so much in terms of musical education and inspiration from my time as a member, and because my later (and equally enjoyable!) time on the staff gave me an understanding of just how much there is to support behind the scenes, and of the financial and moral value that support from Alumni can bring. Events this year have shown that even the biggest musical institutions are vulnerable - and that those with dedicated supporters are the ones that endure."

- Julian, Mezzo Forte Friend and Alumnus

"Both of my children have been in NYCGB choirs and I know how much they have benefitted from the experience as a whole, from the excellent musical education and from the chance to spend time with other talented singers.  I want children and young people, regardless of their background, to have the opportunity to have these same experiences.  I support the NYCGB as a Friend so that more young singers can be given financial support to take part."

- Gillian, Mezzo Forte Friend and Parent

Whether you’re a parent, alum, choral fan, singer or all of the above: you can become a Friend of the National Youth Choir to enjoy a range of amazing benefits while directly helping young singers through our immersive choral programmes.

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