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Watch the premiere at 6pm on Friday 27 October 2023 

Composed by Oliver Tarney, with words by Hazel Gould (in collaboration with members of the National Youth Boys' Choir)

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Commissioned by National Youth Choir, made possible thanks to generous funding from Dorico (Steinberg Media Technologies) and Christine Evans.

Filmed in August 2023 at Harrogate Ladies' College

National Youth Boys' Choir Conductor: Lucy Joy Morris
Accompanist: Adam Hope
Body Percussion: Ollie Tunmer
Executive Producer: Ruth Evans
Audio Producer: Josh Quinlan
Audio Engineer: Dave Rowell
Assistant Audio Engineer: Joshua Mannall
Director of Photography & Editor: Ben Tomlin
Camera Operator: Brian Johnston
Closed Captions Editor: Emma Hall

With thanks to all of our course staff for making all that we do possible