Tune in from 6.30pm on Wednesday 28 February to watch performances and interviews from our 2023 and 2024 Emerging Professional Artists. 

📍 Broadcast from VOCES8 Centre, London 
🔤 This video has English closed captions throughout - hit 'c' to show captions

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Showcase 2024 Credits

National Youth Choir Fellowship Ensemble
Ailsa Campbell - Soprano (2019-20 Fellow)
Emily Varney - Soprano (2023 Fellow)
Sarina Rattan - Alto (2023 Fellow)
Olivia Shotton - Alto (2022 Fellow)
Timothy Peters - Tenor (2022 Fellow)
Chris O’Leary - Tenor (2023 Fellow)
Antonio Oliveira - Bass (2023 Fellow)
Jason Ching - Bass (2022 Fellow)

Nicholas Chalmers - Conductor
Olivia Shotton - Conductor (Finale)

National Youth Choir Young Composers 2023
Millicent B James
Emily Hazrati
Alex Tay
Will Harmer

National Youth Choir Fellowship 2023
Emily Varney
Sarina Rattan
Chris O’Leary
Antonio Oliveira

National Youth Choir Young Composers 2024
Áine Mallon
Cameron Biles-Liddell
Jamie Powe
Crystalla Serghiou

National Youth Choir Fellowship 2024
Imogen Moore
Olivia Earl
Daniel Rodríguez-Tíjaro
Adam Hilton

Composer (Finale)
Kristina Arakelyan (Young Composer 2021)

Production Team
Ruth Evans - Showcase Director
Josh Quinlan - Audio Producer
Gary Aggett - Video Editor
Ben Tomlin - VT Recordist
Rebecca Anderson - Showcase Manager
Tim Croall & Emma Hall Showcase - Build & Broadcast

VOCES8 Studios
Tom Mungall - Director of Photography & Audio
Caitlin Pittol-Neville - Camera Operator
Aytan Buyukoglu - Studio Coordinator
Paul Smith - Chief Executive