National Youth Choir Recordings was established in 2015. It shows the full breadth of music sung by the UK's finest young singers aged 9-25 as well as our Fellowship Ensemble and alumni.

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Can you hear me?

Sally Beamish

National Youth Choir of Great Britain
Suzzie Vango (conductor)

Released 08 March 2023

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Track list

1. Can you hear me? (Sally Beamish) - 06:02

Recorded at Queen Margaret's School, Escrick (17 July 2022)

Production Team

Producer: Joanna Forbes L'Estrange
Engineer: Dave Rowell


Charlotte Galloway (alto)
Eve Doyle (alto)
Josh Quinlan (baritone)
Henry Scott (tenor)
Flora Halford-MacLeod (soprano)
John Scholey (baritone)
Andrew Morton (tenor)

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