I'm going to be running the Severn Bridge Half Marathon on Sunday 26th August 2018 to raise £500 for the NYCGB Alumni Champions Fund, which helps current NYCGB members with the costs of auditions and membership.

I joined NYCGB way back in 1988 and didn't really leave until 1999 having worked my way through and then followed in Danny Curtis' shoes and worked for NYCGB. Being part of NYCGB gave me the opportunity to sing some amazing music and work with some fantastic people and I have made lifelong friends. I got so much out of being in NYCGB that I feel that is now my time to 'give back'.

So I have convinced Julian Forbes, Marketing Manager for NYCGB, that it would be a really good idea to run a Half Marathon and fundraise at the same time. We have picked the Severn Bridge Half Marathon in August. Training is underway!

Anna George